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Mr. Tomatos is an indie horror game about feeding a huge humanlike tomato head. But there is a hitch – he doesn’t want to eat just anything you give him. He has his own preferred menu, and deviating from it may cost you your life. But maybe you’ll be able to fight off his angry attacks or even kill this evil tomato being? Let’s find out!

Serve food or spill blood!

The rules of Mr. Tomatos are like that: feed Mr. Tomato what he wants and keep his anger meter from going up. Then you’ll be safe. If you keep putting wrong things into his meals (either accidentally or intentionally), you’ll see that meter creep up, little by little. And the face of your strange customer will be changing accordingly. So if you don’t want to see what he looks like when his rage reaches the highest point, you’d better stick to the recipe and mind your every step!

Since Mr. Tomatos is a game that doesn’t impose any obligatory behavior or actions on you, it’s not necessary to follow the above mentioned guidelines. Maybe you wanna get your character mad as hell. Then you can bluntly disregard his requests or put something ugly and distasteful into another meal you’re cooking for him on purpose. He’ll surely get all crazy about it, and you’ll be able to see all the consequences of his wrath! At that point, it’s good to have a knife in your hand – you know, just in case.

Quirky, creepy and addictive!

As you progress through the gameplay, the meals Mr. Tomatos wants will become trickier and trickier. And perhaps you won’t find all the needed ingredients in the kitchen. But hey, have you scored all those points for nothing? You can use them to stock up the fridge and improve your kitchen equipment. And yeah, make sure to buy that knife. There is actually an outcome of the game where you kill Mr. Tomatos with it, but let’s not spoil the fun!

Combining the features of a standard culinary simulator and a bizarre horror game, Mr. Tomatos is surely something you should try if you’re into indie projects. Aside from its wackiness and a certain intrigue (the game has its mysteries, but you’ll have to uncover them on your own), it will also fascinate you with its cartoonish yet eerie art style, atmospheric sound effects and multiple endings. Try to get to them all playing Mr. Tomatos online and enjoy your pastime in the company of this always-hungry, short-fused, red-faced guy!

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