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Mr.Tomatos 3

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Who is this red-faced guy looking at you like you owe him something? That’s Mr. Tomatos, a true monster hidden behind a tomato skin! The very fact that this fruit has human intelligence and wants to eat meat should already make anyone worried. But you’re not a person with a faint heart, so boldly step into this hell kitchen and try to be Mr. Tomatos’ chefs for today!

One tricky tomato he is!

At first, everything will be fine. Mr. Tomatos will greet you with a friendly smile and ask something to eat. And how can you say no to this charming guy? So you set up your frying pan, and pour some oil on it, and prepare the veggies while it gets heated up… But here’s the kicker – Mr. Tomatos isn’t just a regular tomato. He’s got some serious strength behind those vines. If you fail to meet his gastronomical expectations, you’ll see him get even redder than he already is, and you’ll see a seriously disturbing expression on this red face of his. That’s when you know – you’re in trouble! Although he has no hands and no legs, that won’t save you from danger if you get on the wrong side of him. So watch out and keep an eye on the angry meter that shows whether Mr. Tomatos is ok with what you’re giving him to eat or it’s time to mind your chef’s responsibilities with a little more zest.

Five-star meal or inedible brew? Up to you!

Well, maybe you do want to get him mad and see what comes out of it? Not something we would recommend, but still, there is such an option! The game doesn’t limit you in your cooking experiments. So you can put anything from dirty socks to dead mice into the food you’re cooking for this hideous guy. And then wait for the outcome! Actually, you can even fight Mr. Tomatos if he makes a move at you. And there is even an alternative version of events where you kill him!

Anyway, it’s up to you. The game doesn’t force you into any of the scenarios, and that’s the beauty of it. Depending on your choices and actions, it can end one way or another. And it’s equally fun and creepy to check out all of them! So if you think you’re tough enough to meet Mr. Tomatos and survive even just one day in the same kitchen with him, it’s time to start playing Mr. Tomatos 3 and find out what kind of surprises and new content are waiting for you here!

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