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In horror games, we are usually up against some kind of a monster with blood-covered fangs and razor-sharp clutches, or a scary ghost that can pass through walls and reach you out of nowhere, or at least a maniac with a chainsaw who is out of their mind. But in this horror game, you’ll encounter something entirely else. Mr. Tomatos is not a beast, nor he is a serial killer. He’s a fruit, albeit a rather picky and bad-tempered one, and all he wants is to eat what he wants. You’re here to make sure he keeps having the meals of his dreams. Otherwise things may get a little bit creepy…

Beware of the hungry tomato!

Once you launch the game, you’ll find yourself in a caricature kitchen with Mr. Tomatos in the middle. Everything looks just like in one of those innocent cartoons, but you can’t get rid of an eerie feeling. Maybe because Mr. Tomatos always has this angry and threatening impression on his red face. And even when he seems to be contended, that dangerous look never comes off him. You kind of always wonder: can I expect something drastic from this guy? And damn, you can!

Mr. Tomatos has something like a rage meter that gets filled up if you give him a wrong kind of food. When that meter reaches a critical value, your character will start acting up. And you’d better stay away from him when that happens! Although he is just a tomato, he’s actually not the sort of a dude you want to come across during one of his fits. Who knows how this whole thing may end up if you get his fuse (which is rather short) on fire. You may well stay in this kitchen forever – not as a chef anymore, but a cold dead body. So let’s get started on this crazy menu quest and, hopefully, it’s going to be fine!

Feed Mr. Tomatos the right food or else…

So, starting from the very first level, you’ll roll up your sleeves and prepare to mix, chop, cook and keep looking into the fridge to find the right ingredient. It’s easiest with ready meals – you can just take them from where they are stored and feed them right to Mr. Tomatos. But when you have to whip up something on your own, that’s where the main difficulties start because once you do something wrong, even a tiny little thing, the entire dish may end up to be uneatable (at least, to our hero’s mind). So make sure you follow the instructions right and don’t allow too many mistakes! Let’s just say, Mr. Tomatos doesn’t pick ways to express his anger, and it’s best not to irritate him! Enjoy the thrill!

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