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Mr.Tomatos 2

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If you’ve already played Mr. Tomatos, you’ll surely be fascinated to check out the sequel to this great indie horror game! Once again, you will meet your old friend (or foe) how will be just as hungry and picky as usually. However, there are now new tasks to complete and new ingredients to prepare all sorts of meals for this obnoxious guy. Are you ready? Then let’s go!

Mr. Tomatos is back and hungrier than ever!

The whole concept of the second part is similar to what you already know: you have Mr. Tomatos who is always willing to grab a bite and always capricious about what he wants to eat. So, you gotta go to the kitchen and find the right products to make his meal, or if you’re lazy, you can just grab a ready meal from the fridge.

But make no mistake, Mr. Tomato is one tough customer. He can ask for anything from a simple salad to a full-on five-course meal. And if you don’t give him what he wants, he gets super angry! You can see it by the way his wrath meter goes up, sometimes bit by bit, sometimes all of a sudden. And if that meter gets too high, he’ll take it out on you. But don’t worry, there’s always a knife in the kitchen you can use to defend yourself. Yeah, that’s right, you gotta kill Mr. Tomato before he kills you! Depending on how things go and what you choose to feed to the angry tomato, the game may end in several possible ways. Play it through to check out them all!

Get on a wild and creepy feeding quest!

With the same weird and spooky graphics, an antagonist (also doubling as the main character) who has this tint of concealed danger in him, and with all the ridiculous meals he orders, Mr. Tomatos 2 is totally crazy and super fun. After all, who wouldn’t want to cook for an always-hungry tomato who is also a potential murderer? It’s like the ultimate cooking challenge and also a survival quest!

And of course, like in any good horror game, there are secrets you can uncover in the process of passing it. Secrets that will send shivers down the very fingers you’re pressing the buttons with to turn on the mixer or slice another piece of bread right now! But you’ll have to start playing to learn more about them! So grab your apron, sharpen your knife, and get ready to cook up a storm for Mr. Tomatos. Just remember, give him what he wants or you’ll end up on the chopping block yourself!

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