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You surely do remember you least favorite school teacher. Bet she had a name like Ms. Wilson or something. She was probably wearing glasses and used to do her hair in some old-school way that made her look even teachier – say, in a bun. Close your eyes for a moment and try to imagine her. Add some yellow tint to her skin and you’ll get Ms. Lemons!

Your worst school teacher in a lemon skin!

In this game, you’re about to test your logic and creativity trying to outplay a very strict and a bit heinous character named Ms. Lemons. She’s one strange lemon, let us tell you. First of all, she has intelligence which is already weird for a fruit. And not of an average kind. After all, the tasks she gives you are downright challenging! Like in many games of the sort, everything will start with comparatively easy riddles that you’ll probably crack like nuts. But then things will get much more complicated, and it’s not only about the tasks themselves… See, Ms. Lemons doesn’t like it when you make mistakes. So you have to watch out and try not to get her too angry. Or she will show you what else a lemon like her is capable of!

All kinds of weird tasks that will make you sweaty!

Ms. Lemons will make you feel like you’re back at school. And we’re not talking about being all young and careless, fooling around all day long and hanging out with your friends without having to worry a thing, but about all the suffering you had to endure in the class when you hated the subject. This glass-wearing lemon lady is always watching you, and when she thinks you’re ready, she pops up on your screen and gives you some bizarre task to complete. And it’s like nobody goes home until you solve that problem! Well, what you’re about to do except for sticking in the class and wrecking your brains?

One time, she will make you solve a crossword puzzle that was written in a made-up language. Another time, she will make you jump rope while reciting the alphabet backwards. Crazy stuff, and maybe you won’t be able to cope with all the tasks at the first attempt! You never know what she’s going to throw at you next. It’s like she’s testing your wits and your reflexes all at once. So if you’re up for the challenge, give Ms. Lemons a try! Good luck!

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