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Baldi’s Fun New School Remastered

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Another school year in Baldi’s Basics is about to begin. The school has been just renovated, and you’re about to find new locations and items at the campus that will surely help you in your quest of avoiding Baldi, the scariest school teacher ever, while collecting the seven notebooks you have to fill up to go home. Good luck!

Run away from Baldi all over again!

Over the summer holidays, Baldi hasn’t gotten any mellower. He is the same creepy and evil dude you remember him to be. So don’t expect him to cut you any slack because you’re just back to school. He is only waiting for you to make a mistake! You’ll have to run even faster and think even harder if you want to get away from him this time. Start your crazy race around the campus and hope to outrun Baldi no matter how high the difficulty level is!

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