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If you really like to cook and think you’re good at it, welcome to Mr. Tomatos online! Here you’ve got one particularly fastidious customer who is not easy to please. Moreover, failing to do so can put you in trouble! And if you wonder how it can be, it’s time to start playing and find out!

Cookie or spooky?

Mr. Tomatos is a game where you can practice your culinary skills as well as get some survival thrill. All because the main character has a tendency to get really mad when there is something off on his plate. So to stay out of danger, you have to follow his whims and try to prepare the tastiest meals possible using all the ingredients that have to end up in it. Mr. Tomato won’t tolerate any fluctuations from his desired menu. You will find out what he’s like when he’s angry, and chances are high you won’t like it! If you’re even lucky to survive…

Outplay Mr. Tomatos, one way or another!

The game starts with you finding yourself in the kitchen where the action is going to unfold. There are all kinds of crazy ingredients you can use to try and please Mr. Tomatos, from the usual stuff like meat and veggies, to the totally wild like jellybeans and ice cream. It’s like Iron Chef meets Willy Wonka or something. And you’re in the middle of that food hurricane!

And Mr. Tomatos is one insane tomato that will keep you on your toes. You gotta think fast and cook even faster if you wanna keep him happy and avoid any problems. Although problems is too mildly put. Your very life will be in danger should you put one wrong ingredient into the dish he ordered. Of course, you don’t have to indulge him – you can try and fight this evil dude. After all, there are things in the kitchen that can be used as weapons – for instance, the knife you’re holding in your hand. It’s another thing whether you’ll succeed or not… But you won’t find out until you try! So, are you up for the challenge, or are you gonna end up as tomato paste?

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