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FNAF: Bizarre Custom Night

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Do you fingers start shaking once you hear about the evil animatronics? You have all the reason to be afraid, because tonight you’re going to meet them all in this new FNAF game! Prepare for the ultimate animatronic survival quest and let’s go!

The entire animatronic lineup waiting and lurking!

In FNAF Bizarre Custom Night, you’re not limited to just one setup of the murderous clockwork toys from the notorious pizza place. You can come up with one of your own instead choosing the very animatronics you want to play against tonight. Here you will find them all, starting from the original release of FNAF and ending with various spinoffs. Can you survive through five crazy nights like this? You’ll have all the familiar means at your disposal to keep your enemies at a safe (or at least, comparatively safe) distance. Let the good old FNAF horror begin!

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